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Dennis Michelsen
Dennis Michelsen is one of the most versatile talents in the motor sports industry. Whether master of ceremonies at a VIP racing experience, hosting a motor sports conference, appearing on major market radio shows or handling photography duty at an event; Dennis brings a unique flair to everything he does. His specialty is bringing out the best performances in industry insiders who are not comfortable in front of the microphone, teaching racers/industry professionals how to be more media savvy, and provide marketing partners unique branded photography from racing events and trade shows. Dennis will help your event be more successful and your marketing partners pleased that they supported you. Now accepting reservations for the trade show season and the 2015 racing season.
Host : Moderator : Announcer : Coaching : Development
“Dennis   knows   as   much   about   racing   as   Picasso   did   painting.   He   always   has   the   right   questions   and   keeps up like he is running the Olympic torch. Always a pleasure when he interviews you” Humpy Wheeler
Upcoming Events 2015 Race and Performance Panel at The SEMA Show Las Vegas, Nevada Tuesday, November 3rd, 1pm Dennis will be joining a panel of industry experts discussing the future of motorsports with host John Waraniak. Attendees will hear directly from a full grid of frontline leaders to production as well as the direction, relevance, and importance of motorsports and technology to the future of motor racing and the performance industry. This forum is free of charge to those attending The SEMA Show. Dennis will be available November 4th through 6th for media assignments at The SEMA Show. Race Track Business Conference Indianapolis, Indiana Wednesday, December 9th, 8am- 530pm Dennis will be handling Master of Ceremony duties for the 4th straight year at the Race Track Business Conference hosted by Tim Frost from the National Speedway Directory. Industry insiders gather every year on the day before the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show begins to open a dialogue for motorsports professionals on a variety of topics. FIA Formula 1 Race Director headlines this event for 2015. Tickets are available at RaceTrackBusinessConference.com. Dennis will be providing audio interviews for PRI Exhibitors at the MIA Booth each day during the PRI show and is available for further media assignments during show hours.